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3 Do-It-Yourself LED Projects from our Customers

Here at LEDSupply our main focusĀ is selling LED components, as our slogan says ‘For all your LED project needs’. Yes we have a DIY section and some kits that we can put together for our customers, but overall we deal with customers that intend to use these quality LED components for their own, customized applications. Being on the LEDSupply team I can tell you first hand that we like to see how our customers are using our products to accomplish what they want. It’s pretty cool to see what some people can come up with for a variety of applications. So just for the sake of sharing, and to give you a little added inspiration, I’ve picked some LED projects from our customer and follower base that have really stuck out and sparked some ideas in our own office.


Why not start at home? LEDs are so much more efficient, therefore cutting that electric bill that can be outrageous at times. On top of that LEDs last longer so it cuts down on buying a lot of bulbs and the chore of replacing them. Here is how one of our customers used LEDs to solve some issues in his home.

Kitchen and Outdoor Lighting

Our customer had a problem with his kitchen lighting. He had cabinets over the kitchen counter that were in between his kitchen and family room. He had kitchen lights in the actual kitchen that were bright but something he didn’t want to use all the time. He was looking for a more subtle light that could be put on a timer to be on when he woke up and off when he went to bed.LED Channel

He bought some Cree Warm White LED stars from us here at LEDSupply, wood, wire and aluminum channel and got to work. Channeling the backside of the wood gave the best appearance as it allowed him to hide the wiring from plane site. As you can see from the pictures it wasn’t easy but the end product looked great, he powered the LEDs with a MeanWell driver and AC power.cablit

The next project was to light above his walkway, windows and doors on the side of the house. He got sick of switched porch lights that were left on all day and night when theyHousings were away, making it expensive and obvious that they were out of town. Emitters on a timer would be much more efficient. He bought some more Cree warm white LEDs, optics and optic holders from us. He housed them in copper tubing with a more clean looking white plastic housing around the LED where it would show from the porch ceiling. He also powered these with a MeanWell driver and it looks fantastic.

Being on timers and switching to LEDs has made this home more efficient and it gives a very professional look if you ask me. Looks like it took some time to do but the final product looks great and there certainly is no more problem with the lighting.




LED lighting in cars is becoming more common as the LED industry grows and becomes more affordable and efficient. LEDs give a much better light and last longer so they don’t need to be replaced as often. Here’s a cool project one of our customers did, not necessarily a standard bulb replacement but cool nonetheless.

BMW Angel Eyes


SONY DSCThis customer wanted to add a pretty awesome looking feature to his beamer. He used 300 Cree SMD LEDs and epoxied them in circle shapes. Then he made it so they fit around his headlights so it gave them a cool ‘angel eyes’ look.

He used our LuxDrive 3023 BuckPuck drivers to bring power to the LEDs and used an Arduino logic board and light sensor to control them. The lights dim accordingly to the ambient light. In sunlight they are at full brightness but at night they dim to reduce glare for other drivers. A very cool way to make this BMW stand out even more. See video below to see them dimming in full effect.


Boating is another area in which LEDs are growing. This is partly because of how they take up much less power and are so easy to deal with. Our customer made a high-power marine flood light with a polished 316 stainless steel face and a large heat sink that delivers 7200 lumens (after accounting for lumen loss from optics). This lamp blows other lights out of the water, the performance and quality is like nothing else around. He used 12 Cree XP-G2 3-up LEDs, along with optics purchased from us for the light source. The construction is modular, so any size bezel can be fitted for custom or retro-fit situations. This light runs on AC power from 90-305 volts and is dimmable with 0-10 Volts. DC versions are also possible to build.IMG_68781 (1)

These are all pretty cool applications for LEDs and maybe they will help you brainstorm on how you can use LEDs for your lighting problems. With LEDs being so small and so easily controlled, there is a lot you can do with them if you just put some thought into it. Let us know if you need any input on what to use and always feel free to shoot us an email of how you used your LEDSupply products at We love to hear more and hope to do more posts like this in the future, so get out there and start applying LEDs, the market is constantly growing and I know there are plenty of other ways to use them in our everyday lives. The LEDSupply team is excited to see what you come up with.

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