DIY LED Projector Box Project


Project Overview

Skill Level:

Estimated Time:

Under $35

Tool & Materials


Screw Driver
Wire Strippers
Solder Iron
Exacto knife

Buy Components:

Step 1

First determine the design you'd like to project. Larger solid shapes work well, such as block letters. We suggest using stickers, but you could also apply masking tape and then cut out a custom design with an exacto knife.

Step 2

The design will need to be applied to the inside of the clear box top so the image is projected in the right direction. It also helps to protect your image by having it inside of the box. We chose to use foam stickers, and also cut a few simple stars out of some scrap pieces of sticker materials. Apply these to the inside of the cover.


Step 3

Now spray over your design with black spray paint. Cover the entire inside of the box top and your design.

Step 4

Allow the paint to set up a little so it does not run, then carefully remove your stickers or design. You can wait until the paint is completely dry, but it make make it more difficult to remove your stickers or design. When everything is removed, you should be left with your design being the only clear parts of the cover.

Step 5

Install your switch into the clear box. Solder the battery pack positive wire to one side of the switch. Solder the positive input of the micro puck to the other side of the switch.

Step 6

Solder the battery pack negative wire to the micropuck input

Step 7

Solder the output from the micropuck to the LED star appropriate pads.

Step 8

Place the LED star in the center of the box, using double sided tape to hold it in place.

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