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EverLED VE - T8 LED Tube Light

EverLED VE - T8 LED Tube Light
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Product Details

Featured Specifications

No Electical Work Required "drop in" No Glass
10-Year - Lifetime No Toxic Phosphor, Mercury or Lead
20watt - Typ. Power Consumption Recyclable
4000K & 5000K - Color Temperature 35% Power Reduction
High Power Nichia LEDs 5-Year Warranty
1900 Lumen Output MFR: LEDdynamics, Inc.



The EverLED VE is the first commercially available fluorescent T8 tube replacement utilizing clean, safe and long-lasting LED technology. The EverLED tube replacement, debuting in 2007 and manufactured in the USA, won the Popular Science magazine Green Tech product innovation of the year in 2007. The LED T8 tube from LEDdynamics, Inc. enables facilities to save on energy bills while doing their part to help save the environment.

The EverLED-VE has advanced patent-pending driver technology making it compatible with virtually all standard fluorescent ballasts and eliminates the need for costly replacement or modification of existing fixtures. Updating existing fluorescent lighting to safe, long-lasting Solid State technology is as easy as changing the bulb; the EverLED VE is a 'direct drop-in' so no fixture modification is required. The tube is constructed with a white powder-coated aluminum heat-sink extrusion, a shatter-proof lens, surface mount Nichia LEDs, no mercury (Hg), no lead (Pb) and no phosphor powder.

The warranty is an industry leading 10-years and purchase of the EverLED-VE includes a factory recycling program. Energy savings are leading the way with an astounding 40% or more savings in most applications. The independent Lighting Facts report proves the light output is equal to, if not greater than a standard fluorescent bulb.  

Upgrading your failure-prone, environmentally hazardous fluorescent lighting system with Solid State LED technology is now as easy as replacing the tube!


Product Video Overview:




Easy Conversion to LED Lighting Works with Exiting Magnetic & Electronic Ballasts
10-Year - Lifetime No Toxic Phosphor, Mercury or Lead
Lower Energy & Maintenance Costs No Hazardous Material Disposal Costs
No Flicker or Stroboscopic Effect Instant On, Dimmable
No Reflector Light Loss Operates at Low Temperatures
100% Designed & Manufactured in the USA High Performance Components
LM79 Tested Operates at Low Temperatures
DOE Lighting Facts Registered 96.3% Lumen Maintenance after 6000 Hours


Typical Applications

High use Environments Office Buildings
Hard to Reach, High Maintenance Cost Areas Municipal Buildings
Commercial & Industrial Lighting Hotels & Hospitality
Laboratories & Research Environments Warehouses
Hospitals & Medical Environments Parking Garages
Museums & Galleries Refrigerator & Freezer Cases
Colleges & Universities Retail Signs & Displays


Awards & Recognition


LM-79 Data


Full Documentation

Full Documentation

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
02/05/2014 - 01:42:58 PM
Worth the money
I've been looking a switching to LEDs for a while. I found other products for less money, but they were low quality and required an LED driver. It was definitely worth the extra money for an american made product with a 5 year warranty. Installation is simple - just take out the old bulbs and install the LED in the same fixture. You save money by not having to buy a new fixture or a special driver. The light output is great!
Reviewed by
10/27/2013 - 07:49:37 PM
More Bright Than I Thought
I was very impressed with the light output! I was skeptical at first, but am sold now on they bulbs being a true replacement in every aspect.

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EverLED TR - T8 LED Tube Light
35% power reduction, fast ROI, direct drop-in, pop sci product of the year

ROI Calculator

EverLED Return On Investment Calculator

This calculator will compare the total operating cost of the EverLED-TR or the EverLED-VE replacement tubes to the operating cost of standard fluorescent tubes. The results will display in a new window showing the yearly operating costs of both products along with the return on investment and the future savings. Enter the information in the fields below and press the calculate button. Help is available for each input item, click on the question mark next to the input fields.

Project Information
Daily Operation ? hrs/day
Yearly Operation ? days/year
Burn Hours ? hrs/year
Number Starts ?
Environment ?
Number Of Tubes ?
Electrical Cost ? $/KWH
Electrical Cost Rise ? %/year
Inflation Rate ? %/year
LED and Fluorescent Tube Information
   LED Tube Fluorescent Tube
Tube Model ?
Tube Rating ? watts/each watts/each
Tube Actual ? watts/each watts/each
Heat Output ? watts/each watts/each
Projected Life ? hours hours
Part Cost ? $/each $/each
Disposal Cost ? $/each $/each
Labor Costs ? $/each $/each

† Estimated unit cost based on volume pricing. Call for a quote today.

Labor Calculation
Notification Time ? min
Work Order Processing ? min
Scheduling ? min
Assembly Of Materials ? min
Transit To Location ? min
Time On Site ? min/tube
Clean Up ? min
Return Of Materials ? min
Totals Hours ? hours/batch
Labor Rate ? $/hour
Labor Rate Rise ? %/year
Totals Labor Cost ? $/batch
Include heat removal savings   ?
Copyright 2009-2011 LEDdynamics Inc, all rights reserved.
EverLED-TR ROI Calculator B21 04/06/2011 721

Enter the number of hours per day the lights are used.

Enter the number of days the lights are used in a year.

The total number of operating hours per year, the product of daily operation and yearly operation.

This field is not editable.

Select the starts according to application. This selection will affect the life of a fluorescent tube. The occupancy sensor selection will result in the greatest reduction of expected life. Note that LED expected life does not change.

Select the applicable environment for the fixtures. Temperature will affect the life of a fluorescent tube, cold environment reduces expected life. Note that LED expected life does not change.

Enter the total number of tubes (not fixtures) for the project.

Enter the cost of electricity for your area. This will be the initial cost. Keep in mind that most utilities have separate rates for residential, commercial, and industrial.

Enter the projected inflation rate for electricity in your area. Electricity costs typically increase at a rate higher than inflation.

The general inflation rate will be used to project the future cost of fluorescent tubes and disposal fees. The cost of LED tubes is conservatively assumed to remain flat.

Select the fluorescent tube model to compare to the EverLED TR replacement tube.

The rated watts of the LED tube or fluorescent tube. This is the value stamped on the tube by the manufacturer.

The calculated watts the tube will consume. The number here is estimated based on tests conducted by LEDdynamics using a standard fluorescent fixture with a ballast factor of 0.8.

The actual tube watts is automatically updated upon tube selection. You may enter a different number based on your own tests and ballast factor.

Both LED and fluorescent tubes generate heat. The estimated values are based on a percentage of the actual tube power consumption. The number entered here will be used to calculate the cost of heat removal for the building.

Heat removal calculation is optional, however, it should be used in applications where heat is removed such as in air conditioned office buildings or walk-in refrigerators. The options section has a check box to include the cost of heat removal.

The expected life for fluorescent tubes is estimated based on manufacturer's data, number of starts, fixture efficiency and environmental factors. The value for fluorescent tube life is highly variable. LED replacement tubes have an estimated life of ten years, with much less variability in typical applications.

Enter the initial part cost. The future cost of fluorescent tubes will be calculated using the inflation rate. LED replacement tubes are conservatively projected to remain flat. Please contact LEDdynamics for quantity pricing on the EverLED TR replacement tubes.

Fluorescent tubes contain both mercury and phosphor powder, both hazardous substances that require proper disposal. Disposal fees for fluorescent tubes vary according to location.

The EverLED TR tubes do not contain mercury, phosphor powder, or lead resulting in no incremental disposal fee.

The estimated labor cost per tube is calculated based on the information entered in the labor calculation section. Changing the values in the labor calculation section will adjust this number.

Requests for maintenance are often part of the maintenance procedures. This field quantifies the time needed for work notification, correspondence, or other initial procedures. This task is typically performed by one person.

Use this field to enter time used in processing work orders, bill of materials, and purchasing. This task is typically performed by one person.

Enter time used for scheduling the maintenance plans. This may include time on the phone arranging maintenance dates, checking on parts delivery, or other time management functions. This task is typically performed by one person.

Enter the time to assemble all materials, supplies, and tools. This task is typically performed by one person.

Enter time spent traveling to and from location where the maintenance will be performed. This task may involve more than one person. Multiply the time by the number of persons in the crew.

Enter the estimated time on site required to change the lamp. Include the time it takes to remove the tube, clean the fixture internals, and replace the tube. This task may involve more than one person. Multiply the time per tube by the number of persons in the crew.

Enter the estimated time for final cleanup at the site. The time to gather the replaced tube, tools, vacuuming, and etc. This task may involve more than one person. Multiply the time by the number of persons in the crew.

Enter the time used in processing the return of the changeout materials, tool storage, and the time used in any disposal of materials.

Do not include the transit time back. Transit is estimated in the transit field. Do not include the cost of disposal, disposal costs are estimated in the tube information section.

The total man hours will be calculated based upon the sum of the above input.

Enter the initial labor rate per person, including all costs such as wages, health insurance, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation insurance, and other benefits. This value includes projected labor cost increases using the projected labor rate rise.

Enter the expected rate of increase for labor costs.

This value is the product of total hours to change a tube and the fully loaded labor rate.

Check if you want to include the initial investment in LED replacement tubes to determine the ROI. The initial LED replacement tube investment will appear in the first line of the Savings Chart.

Check if the cost of removing the heat generated by lamps should be included with the calculation.

The operating costs of the lighting system should include the cost of heat removal.

Typically the building's air conditioning system will remove the heat generated by the light fixtures.

The COP (coefficient of performance) is used to calculate the electric power required to operate the air conditioning system. Selecting a COP of 4 means that the air conditioning system will remove 4 watts of heat for every watt of electric power consumed. Most air conditioning systems operate with a COP in the range of 2.5 to 3.

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