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Nichia 157 LED

Nichia 157 LED
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Featured Specifications

CCT Color Temperatures: Cool-White, Neutral-White & Warm-White Connection: Solderless Push-Pin or Solder Pads
Max Drive Current: Up to 200mA Thermal Resistance: 17 °C/W
Typical Drive Current: 150mA Heat Sink: No Heat Sink Required
Board Size: 12.7mm X 12.7mm Max. Junction Temp.: 120°C
Lumens: 50 Lumens @ 150mA Typ. Forward Voltage: 3.2Vf @ 150mA



The LUXdrive™ Lyra LED uses the Nichia® NFSW157AT emitter reflow soldered to a 0.5 inch by 0.5 inch FR4 board. The board includes two push-pin connectors for a solder free connection, along with solder pads if that connection type is preferred. The Nichia NFSW157AT LED is center mounted, and available in cool-white, neutral-white and warm-white correlated color temperatures (CCT).

The Lyra LED provides the perfect amount of light for many indirect lighting applications and with a drive current of 150mA, doesn't require any heat sinking; the BuckToot, 7027-D-150, is the perfect low-output driver for the Nichia 157 LED.

Images, Part Numbers & Notes

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Technical Documentation

Product Selection (TJ= 25° C @ 150mA)

Color LEDSupply
Part Number
Part Number
Performance @ 150mA
Typical Forward Voltage
Luminous Flux
Thermal Resistance
3000K C024-FW830-13C NFSW157AT 2.8 3.2 3.6 55 14
4000K C024-FW840-13C NFSW157AT 2.8 3.2 3.6 55 14
5000K C024-FW750-14C NFSW157AT 2.8 3.2 3.6 55 14


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Maximum Performance
DC Forward Current (mA) 200
Pulsed Forward Current (mA) 400
Allowable Reverse Current (mA) 85
Power Dissipation 720mW
LED Junction Temperature 135°C
Operating Temperature -40°C - 100°C
Storage Temperature -40°C - 100°C


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
01/31/2014 - 04:15:07 PM
Great Price
This is a great little light for the money. The fact that it comes with wire connectors is very handy. No soldering! I used the 150mA BuckToot driver with mine for the highest light output.

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