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Advanced LED Housing

Advanced LED Housing
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LED Compatibility: 1-Up or 3-Up 20mm LED Star (MCPCB) Power Dissipation: 3-Watts
Optic Compatibility: 1-Up or 3-Up 20mm Carclo Lens & Holder Wire Connection: 1/8" Diameter Center Hole
Thread Size: 1/2" Electrical NPT 2-Piece Connection: Use Thermal Epoxy



The Advanced LED Heat Sink Housing doubles as a heat sink and housing for LEDs; they're specifically designed to hold a 20mm Carclo optic lens, optic lens holder (for 1-Up version), and a 20mm metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) star LED. The housing is a two piece design, machined from 6063 billet aluminum and sized to slide together. The completed size of the unit is small, light weight and while not technically waterproof it can easily be done with clear silicone or our LED Seal. These housings can hold either a 1-Up or 3-Up LED, with the capability of running approximately 3-watts of power; this translates to over 500 lumens of light when using a high-power 3-Up LED.


The two piece housing consists of a slug and sleeve. The LED should be epoxied to the slug and the optic will sit on top of the LED.  The slug has a small 1/8" diameter hole through the center for wires to pass through and connect to the LED and the bottom of the slug has 1/2" national pipe thread (NPT) for mounting. To complete the housing, the slug needs to be epoxied and slid into the Advanced LED Housing Exploded Viewsleeve. We recommend our Arctic Silver Thermal Epoxy for the best heat transfer. When epoxied the housing is permanent; if you prefer a housing that can be disassembled, then we would recommend our line of Dynamic LED Heat Sink Housings. The Dynamic line of LED Housings have machined threads on the slug and sleeve that allow the two pieces to screw together; these are available here.


There are two slight variations of the housing because of the different size of optics for 1-Up and 3-Up LEDs.  The ALK-20M-1UP-EH is designed to hold a 1-Up LED star, optic holder and lens, while the ALK-20M-3UP-EH was built to hold a 3-Up LED star and optic. Because the triple optic doesn't require a holder, the inside diameter of the 3-Up heat sink needs to be a different size. Before adding an item to your cart, you'll need to decide whether you're going to use a 1-Up or 3-Up LED and select your housings accordingly.

1-Up Design

Any of our Cree or Luxeon 1-Up LEDs can be used inside the 1-Up housing. There is a channel (see image on right) machined on the top surface of the 3-Up Advanced LED Housing Exploded Viewslug piece that allows 24 AWG gauge wires to go from the LED star solder pads, underneath the star and through this channel, these wires then pass down through the center hole and out of the housing. The height of the optic holder and lens require the height of the housings to be slightly taller that the 3-Up version. Specific dimensions are listed below in the characteristics table.

3-Up Design

Any of our Cree or Luxeon 3-Up LEDs can be used inside the 3-Up housing. These LEDs include a center hole on the MCPCB that matches up with the center hole of the slug. This allows 24 AWG gauge wires to go from the LED solder pads and down through the LED and heat sink. The height of the 3-Up (triple) lens is shorter than the 1-Up version; specific dimensions are listed below in the characteristics table.


The Advanced LED Housings are modules only and not light engines; meaning they do not include an LED driver. Just like any raw LED, these modules will require an appropriate power source and integrated circuit or LED driver. For selecting the correct LED driver, we have a complete guide on understanding LED drivers here.


The 1/2" NPT thread on the base of these housings can be used for mounting, however we have seen these heat sinks used in a wide variety of applications where the threads weren't used at all. 1/2" NPT accessories can often be found in the electrical and plumbing sections in your local hardware store.


Technical Documentation


Assembled Size
1" Diameter, 1.25" Tall
1" Diameter, 1.50" Tall
6063 Aluminum
6063 Aluminum
Mounting Thread Size
1/2" NPT
1/2" NPT



Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
01/30/2014 - 10:47:05 AM
Perfect for 3-Up LED Stars
I have been looking for an LED heatsink that also doubled as an enclosure. Tough to find. Luckily you guys have something here that fits either a Cree or Luxeon LED star. I used a Cree XPG2 3-Up LED with a 350mA Flexblock led driver. It worked perfectly. I am so happy with the transaction with you guys that I came back to leave a review. Thanks ledsupply!

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What do I need to make this housing into a working light fixture?

This acts as your light housing and heat sink, now you need to get an LED in there. This housing will work with any of our high power 1-Up and 3-Up LED stars.

Then you need an optic to sit on top of the LED to protect it and focus the light. Just check our optics section to see which are compatible with your LED of choice. Take note that for 1-Up LEDs you will need to get an optic holder as well.

Lastly, you need to find an appropriate driver and power supply. Just make sure you get a driver that drives your LED at around 3 Watts or less.


What do I use to hold the pieces together when I have my LED and optic in place?

Are these housings totally waterproof once together?


Customer Reviews
Received exactly what I ordered and it arrived within 2-3 days. Great service - couldn't ask for anything better!
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