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5mm LED - Blue 470nm 15 Degree Viewing Angle

5mm LED - Blue 470nm 15 Degree Viewing Angle
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Featured Specifications

Wavelength: 470nm Max Reverse Voltage: 5V
Luminous Intensity: 9,300mcd typ. @ 20mA Power Dissipation: 120mW
Max Forward Current: 30mA Operating Temp: -30 to +85 C
Pulse Current: 100mA for <= 10ms, duty <= 1/10 Soldering Temp: 265 C for 10 secs
Forward Voltage: 3.2V typ. 3.5V max @ 20mA Max Reverse Current: 50uA @ 5V



The 470nm Blue 5mm LED (T-1 ¾ through-hole) is extremely bright at 9,300mcd; its typical forward voltage is 3.2Vdc and drive current is 20mA, with a maximum forward current of 30mA.  The lens is clear, 5mm in diameter and projects light at a half angle of 15°.  The bi-pin legs are the positive and negative leads of the LED; the longer of the two leads is the positive side (Anode).  There is also a flat side on the base of the LED, this represent the negative side (Cathode).

All our 5mm LEDs are built by top manufacturers, in a variety of colors and illumination patterns.  If you need additional product information please call or email us your question.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
06/28/2015 - 10:42:35 PM
Great LEDs
I've bought about five of these LEDs (along with one of their AA battery packs, heatshrink tubing, and conductive wire) to put into one of my costume projects.
Affordable, quick shipping, good packaging that protects everything from rough handling while shipping, and, ultimately, a great result once I hooked them up to their energy source. I can't get over the fact I can actually order a single one of these (and most other of their stuff) if need be, many other places require bulk orders which may end up going to waste if I don't need that many! I'm so relieved I found such a wonderful store to get what I need for LED setups for my costumes or any other crafty thing I want to light up. I wouldn't get my LEDs from anywhere else.

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Fantastic company, orders are easy to place via their website and they turn orders with incredible speed. Their customer support is great, and I received my order within 2 days with the ...
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