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Carclo Newton Wide Spot Mirror Reflector

Carclo Newton Wide Spot Mirror Reflector
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Featured Specifications

45° Wide Viewing Angle - FWHM Mirror Wave Form Inner Surface
82% EFF. - Cree CXA Fits 12796 Carclo Holder & Z Mount TE Holder
2.00 Cd/lm - Cree CXA Fits COB LEDs up to 20mm Output
Heat Resistant Polycarbonate Fits Z Mount TE Holder 



The #12685 wide angle Newton reflector from Carclo fits the Z mount from TE and the #12796 Carclo holder for use with COB LED’s up to 20mm output. These reflectors feature the wave form inner surface – which is a very efficient way to mix the light with minimum losses.


Technical Documentation

CREE Cree XLamp CXA 1507 White 81 41 1.90
CREE Cree XLamp CXA 1816 White 82 44 2.0
CREE Cree XLamp CXA 1820 White 80 45 1.8
CREE Cree XLamp CXA 1830 White 74 48 1.55
LG LG COB 10W White 74 46 2.3
LUXEON Lumileds Luxeon COB 1203 77 35 2.50
LUXEON Lumileds Luxeon COB 1205 74 43 2.0
LUXEON Lumileds Luxeon COB 1208 73 45 1.9
LUXEON Lumileds Luxeon K12 UP White 78 47 2.4
LUXEON Lumileds Luxeon K16 UP White 75 48 2.2
NICHIA Nichia COB NSBWL 121A White 80 45 1.93
NICHIA Nichia COB NSCNJ 216A White 78 48 1.70
OSRAM Osram Soleriq S13 White 81 43 2.3
OSRAM Osram Soleriq S19 White 76 47 1.77
SAMSUNG Samsung COB LC040B White 80 48 1.65
SHARP Sharp Mega Zenigata 25W White 77 47 2.10

Notes for Table

  • Eff.: At Carclo Optics this is determined by measuring the ratio of the light collected after the Optic output face (excluding scattered light) and dividing this by all the light collected from the LED alone.
  • FWHM: Beam angle is typically expressed as the Full Width in degrees at Half Maximum intensity (FWHM); A measure of the width of a distribution defined as the separation of the data points on either side of the peak which have values equal to 50% of the maximum. For intensity distributions this is the angular range at which the intensity falls to half its maximum value.
  • Cd/lm: The SI base unit of luminous intensity which is the power emitted by a light source in a particular direction, weighted by the sensitivity of the human eye.

    Full Documentation

    Full Documentation

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