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10412 Carclo Lens - Narrow Spot LED Optic

10412 Carclo Lens - Narrow Spot LED Optic
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Product Details

Featured Specifications

17° FWHM - XPE 4.3 Cd/lm - XPG
91.8% EFF - XPE Heat Resistant UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
9.3 Cd/lm - XPE 18° FWHM - REBEL
Fits 1-Up Endor & Indus Star LEDs 89.6% EFF - REBEL
23° FWHM - XPG 6.5 Cd/lm - REBEL
91% EFF - XPG Prevent Contact with Solvents or Vapor



The Carclo® #10412 10mm diameter poly-carbonate lens controls the optical properties of high-power LEDs into a narrow spot pattern. The #10412 optic has four legs, stands 6mm tall and is 10mm square, allowing it to fit into low-profile applications. This secondary optic can withstand higher temperatures than acrylic optics, is extremely tough, impact resistant and UL rated. The compatibility with LEDs is shown both in the technical documentation and featured specifications (beam angle, efficiency and candela per lumens will vary depending on which LED is used).


Technical Documentation

CREE CreeXLampXB-DWhite tbd 18.6 7.9
CREE CreeXLampXP-CWhite 87.4 10.4 22.7
CREE CreeXLampXP-EWhite 88.7 16.4 9.8
CREE CreeXLampXP-E2White tbd 15.9 12.7
CREE CreeXLampXP-GWhite 87.3 24 4.9
CREE CreeXLampXP-G2White tbd 22.8 6.2
Cree CreeXLampXT-E White tbd 21.55 5.6
EVERLIGHT Everlight Shuen White 85 21.1 5.2
LG LG3535White tbd 23.4 2.1
LUXEON LumiledsLuxeonCWhite 83.3 12 15.8
LUXEON LumiledsLuxeonRWhite 86.2 24.5 4.9
LUXEON LumiledsLuxeonRebelES White 86.2 24.5 4.9
LUXEON LumiledsLuxeonRebelWhite 84.5 17.7 9.7
LUXEON LumiledsLuxeonTWhite 86.2 24.5 4.9
NICHIA Nichia 219 White tbd 23.3 5.1
NICHIA Nichia Top Emitting NCSL 119- H3 White 82.6 16.7 7.7
OSRAM Osram Oslon SSL 150 degree White 85.7 14.3 12.7
OSRAM Osram Oslon SSL 80 degree White 85.5 18.5 8.6
Samsung Samsung 3535 White tbd 22 6.3
SEOUL SSC Z - Power Z5 White 84.8 15.8 12.8
SEOUL SSC Z - Power Z5M White tbd 22.2 6
SEOUL SSC Z - Power Z5P White tbd 18.3 8.4

Notes for Table

  • Eff.: At Carclo Optics this is determined by measuring the ratio of the light collected after the Optic output face (excluding scattered light) and dividing this by all the light collected from the LED alone.
  • FWHM: Beam angle is typically expressed as the Full Width in degrees at Half Maximum intensity (FWHM); A measure of the width of a distribution defined as the separation of the data points on either side of the peak which have values equal to 50% of the maximum. For intensity distributions this is the angular range at which the intensity falls to half its maximum value.
  • Cd/lm: The SI base unit of luminous intensity which is the power emitted by a light source in a particular direction, weighted by the sensitivity of the human eye.
  • TIR (Total Internal Reflection) Optic: When light passes from a high refractive-index medium (such as glass) to a low refractive-index medium (such as air) there is a special angle, known as the critical angle, above which light is 100% reflected. Any light rays that fall within the critical-angle undergo total internal reflection. Carclo TIR optics use this principle to produce highly efficient optics with a huge variety of beam shapes.

    Important Information

    20mm TIR Optics The most common size of TIR optic as these produce a range of beam angles from relatively tight to wide. There are also two reflectors within our 20mm range that take the beam even wider â€" therefore, you can design your fixture around this family of optics and select what beam is required as you build.


    Full Documentation

    Full Documentation

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