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LUXdrive BuckBlock LED DriverLets start with answering your question, with a question…sorry.

Do you know what and how many LEDs you are using?

Qualifying the question makes the answer easier and actually there are a few more questions that have to be answered in order to select the right driver module.

What type of power are you using? batteries…household…etc.
Are there any limitations to the project? Cost, Size, Efficiency, Performance, etc.
What about features like: dimming, miro-processoring or pulsing?

Our LED Driver selection has answers to these questions. We have low voltage DC input drivers from LUXdrive and household AC input voltage drivers from MagTech. Both come in variety of sizes, output currents, wattages and with features like dimming.

For example if you are using low voltage DC power and size is an issue, then the LUXdrive line of LED drivers would be an ideal choice. All those products have an extremely small form factor and come with regular buck circuits, buckboost circuits and with or without dimming.

If your power is 110VAC, then the MagTech line of drivers would a great option. These drivers come in a wide range of outputs, with and without dimming options and are also extremely small in size.

Always use a constant current driver!

For more details and help with a selection, we have provided an LED Selector tool, here. If that doesn’t answer your questions always feel free to call us, we work with these drivers every day and can help save you time. (802) 728 6031

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Brooke Sault

Technology enthusiast working to enable the use of LED lighting - Living in the Green Mountain State of Vermont with my family and working with a company like LEDSupply, that is helping to provide energy saving LED products, is a great place and platform to accomplish my lifelong goal of making a positive impact on our world.


  • I am trying to create something that holds a led light at the tip of it a battery and an on of switch but no bigger than a finger but preferably much smaller in width 2′ at the longest and I want to be able to screw something into the end where the lights coming from. do you get what I’m trying to explain? I can’t get anyone to understand me and I really need help, please. oh and the thing screwing onto it needs to be able to glow brightly from the light

    • Hey Kendra, I think I get the idea. Sounds like something we could supply parts for but might have to work to get the screw in part and everything to work out. You would probably want our 5mm LEDs rather than our high powered LEDs then? Feel free to email us as well at

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Copyright 2019 LEDSupply. All Rights Reserved. Site Map | Terms + Conditions

LED Supply BBB Business Review