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AC LED Flex Strip Kits

AC LED Flex Strip Kits
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Product Details

Featured Specifications

Plug & Play: Economical line voltage (120VAC) kits - NO driver required Connection: Plug into standard 120V AC receptacles (plug included)
Lumen Output: 80 Lumens/Foot LEDs: High output 3528 LEDs spaced .65"
Connectable Lengths: Kits can be connected up to 106 Ft. Wattage: 4.8 - 67.2 (see below)
Waterproof Housing: Great for indoor & outdoor use! Lifetime: 35,000 Hours


Some of the simplest LED strip lights! This flex strip runs straight off of 120VAC to deliver plug & play linear lighting for both indoors and out. 3528 SMD LEDs are spaced 2/3" apart in a white perforated PVC housing that is covered by a clear PVC jacket to waterproof the whole strip. Each kit includes your selected length of strip (with power chord), a removable cap on opposite end of power, and mounting clips (1 per foot of light). For customers looking for a quick and easy linear lighting solution, this is a fantastic choice!

Warm-White AC LED Flex StripWarm-White
Cool-White AC LED Flex StripCool-White
Blue AC LED Flex StripBlue
Green AC LED Flex StripGreen
Red AC LED Flex StripRed


We offer single colors: Warm-White (3000K), Cool-White (5000K), Red, Blue and Green.  


Standard length options: 

  • 3-feet
  • 6-feet
  • 12-feet
  • 18-feet
  • 30-feet
  • 45-feet.

By making end-to-end connections (described below), the maximum length run for White, Blue and Green strips is 106-feet, but red can run as long as 210-feet.  If your application has a gap where light isn't needed, a jumper cable accessory is available in 3-foot, 6-foot and 15-foot lengths.

End-to-End Connections

Warm-White LED Rope Light
End-to-End Connection

Multiple strips are easily connected together via waterproof end connectors. A standard strip kit includes the power-cord on one end and an end-cap coupler at the other. The power-cord can be easily disconnected from a second strip by simply unscrewing it. To connect the first strip to the second, its as easy as threading the male and female connectors together making one continuous strip (note: do not exceed maximum run lengths stated above and below in the technical and electrical characteristics).


These AC LED Flex Strips use high-power 3528 Surface Mount Device (SMD) directional LEDs. The LEDs are spaced very closely at 2/3" apart, providing approximately 80 Lumens per foot. The perfect amount of light for use in coves, under-cabinets, restaurants, bars, retail displays, uplighting, reception areas, signage and much more.


Cool-White LED Rope Light4-Foot Track
Cool-White LED Rope LightTrack Dimensions
Cool-White LED Rope LightMounting Clips
Included 1/foot

Dimmable with most electronic low voltage (ELV) dimmers for 5-100" light control. Minimum loads may apply.


With each foot of AC LED Flex Strip light comes a plastic clip with two screws (See image on right). In addition to mounting with clips we also offer a 4-foot long UV protected straight track, which we do recommend for long linear applications. The track makes installation faster, easier and provides more attractive lighting.


Technical & Electrical Characteristics

MODEL No. LS-AC60-XX-BL, LS-AC60-XX-RE, LS-AC60-GR, LS-AC60-XX-CW, LS-AC60-XX-WW (XX = length)
LEDs 3528 Type, 35,000 Hour Rated Life, 30 LEDs/meter, Spaced 0.65"
COLOR OPTIONS Cool-White (CW), Warm-White (WW), Red (RE), Blue (BL), Green (GR)
LENGTH & WATTAGE 3.3'=4W, 6.0'=8W, 11.8'=15W, 17.7'=22W, 29.5'=37W, 43.5'=55W
RED WATTAGE 3.3'=2.2W, 6.6'=4.4W, 12'=8.8W, 18'=13.2W, 30'=22W, 45'=33W
VOLTAGE 120V, 60Hz AC Operation (1.6A Inverter on Cord from AC to DC for LEDs)
LUMENS Cool-White 80 Lumens/ft, Warm-White 72 Lumens/ft
DIMMABLE Dimmable with most standard incandescent dimmers (see documentation)
WATERPROOF Yes - indoor or outdoor use
MAXIMUM RUN CW, WW, BL & GR = 106 Feet, RED = 211 Feet
BEAM ANGLE 120° Beam Angle
MOUNTING Clear Plastic Mounting Clips (4/ft included) - Plastic Track (sold separately)
JUMPING 3-Foot, 6-Foot & 15-Foot Jumpers - (sold separately)
DIMENSIONS Variable" (L) x 3/8" (W) x 1/4" (H)


Full Documentation & Installation Instructions


Full   DocumentationAC LED Flex Strip Documentation


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Do these strips require a a separate power supply or LED driver?

No, these 120VAC LED strip lights are attached right to an AC recepticle, just plug them into the wall and you're good to go!


How do I mount these strip lights?

These strips come with a mounting bracket for every foot of strip you purchase, making it easy to mount them wherever you may need.


These strips are connectible up to 106 ft. (210 ft. for Red color), but how do I connect them?

These strips are easily connected end to end. At the end of every strip there is a coupler in case you want to connect another strip to it. When connecting another strip all you need to do is unscrew the power chord and then connect the strip to the end of your first.

Customer Reviews
Greetings all. I bought this kit, and I'm sure if you are reading the reviews then you may be in the same situation I was in. I was looking to build a LED light to grow vegetables indoo...
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