MEAN WELL Wireless DC Multi-Channel PWM Dimmer

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  • Dims up to 324 Watts of LED Strips!
  • 6 Protected output channels
  • Includes wireless EnOcean switch

Product Details

Easy configuration & installation 6 protected output channels with independent dimming controls!
Powered by any DC source between 10-32 VDC Suitable for constant voltage lighting applications (LED Strip Lights)
Cost Saving Wireless PWM dimming! Works with EnOcean switches (1 included) - No batteries required
Up to 30 meter wireless remote range Can work with multiple switches - Up to 128!
Rated for 300-650 Watts 5 year warranty!


0-10V Dimmer hardware

The Mean Well WPD-06KIT is a fantastic dimming option for your LED lights. This wireless dimming device operates from 10-32 VDC making it ideal for use with 12/24V LED strips.

The wireless dimming setup features 6 protected output channels, each channel having its own independent dimming control. Each channel is rated for 4.5 Amps making the entire system large enough to handle 27A. That is 324 Watts for 12V lights and 648 Watts for 24V Lights!! This is our highest wattage PWM dimmer yet!


What is included?

This is an all in one kit that will provide everything you need to install a wireless dimming setup:

  • (1) WPD-06 - the receiver unit for the dimming setup. Takes Input from your DC source and outputs to 6 individual channels.
  • (1) EnOcean Wireless 2 key switch - Wall mounted LED Dimmer switch
  • (8) WAGO plug connectors - Push terminals for stranded or solid wire that then plug into the receiver unit.


Connecting the Dimming Device

Wago ConnectorConnections to the receiving device (WPD-06) will be made using WAGO 2092 connectors. The connectors work with solid or stranded wire that is 0.2 - 2.5mm2. Simply push down the orange buttons to release the spring and slide the wire into the terminal.

The connectors plug directly into the receiver unit for both input and output connections. Please make sure the polarity is correct and that you are connecting to the right input or output channel when making connections.


Synching to EnOcean Dimming Switches

The dimming unit is extremely easy to synch up with the provided EnOcean wireless switch. Simply follow the instructions in the provided manual. The instructions can also be found in the data sheet below.

You can use multiple EnOcean switches for each WPD-06. The kit only provides one but a single WPD-06 dimming receiver can connect to up to 128 switches if necessary! The wireless dimming control reaches up to 30 meters which gives a wide range to control your lights from.

Dimming Function

To turn the lights on press the top of the switch that you synched to your lights. To dim down press and hold the bottom part of the switch until the desired light level is reached and release the button. To turn the light back up hold the top half of the switch until desired light output and release. To turn the light off, press the bottom part of the switch.


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