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LUME CUBE - Flash & Video Light for GoPro, iPhone & Cameras

LUME CUBE - Flash & Video Light for GoPro, iPhone & Camera
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Bring it anywhere: Compact 1.5" cube design will fit in the palm of your hand Color Temperature: 6,000K Cool-White
Dimmable Light Output: Adjust brightness from 0 to 1,500 Lumens Connect your devices: Syncs via Bluetooth with iPhone, Android, GoPro + more
Control 7,500 Lumens:  Control up to 5 Lume Cubes individually via smarthphone App (Android & iPhone) Waterproof: Rated down to 100'! Good to go in bad weather and to fully submerge!
Fast Charge: Internal battery will fully charge via USB in just an hour!  Studio lighting in your hand: External adjustable flash for photo or constant light for videos!



Lume Cube Color Options

The Lume Cube is the first bluetooth controlled, external flash and video light for your ever day Casual Capture Devices™ (iPhone, Android, GoPro, etc). This super small 1.5" cube provides professional quality lighting to your life, on the go. You can control up to 1,500 Lumens of light per cube via manual or bluetooth controls. This on-the-go LED panel light syncs to your smartphone app to light up and revolutionize your photos and video. This is one versatile light that is a must for your photography lighting equipment, don't waste time and energy lugging around large light panels, use this to enhance your photos with 1,500 Lumens and off-camera flash capabilities.


Lume Cube Options

The Lume Cube is offered in 2 sharp color options (seen right): Gunmetal Grey & and Black (silver no longer available)

Need more light from different angles? There are also Dual and Quad packs available for the Lume Cube. This will give you multiple units that you can control individually from the Lume Cube smartphone app!


Great Battery Life, Fast Charge!

20+ Minute
60+ Minute
120+ Minutes

The Lume Cube is powered by an internal battery that fully charges through a USB port in an hour! To the right you can see the Lume Cube's battery life depending on how much light you need from it.

Another sweet feature is that you can hook this light up to an external battery pack where it will have crazy long battery life if you need this for longer periods or are out in the field all day. It is important to note that when operating the Lume Cube at 90% or more, heat will build up and become an issue after a while. Luckily the good folks at Lume Cube have added in an automatic shutdown when there is too much heat. This is so the LED and components are protected and not ruined, after a short cool down, the Lume Cube will be shining bright again!


Perfect for photo and video lighting!

Now you can take your photo studio with you as this LED is packed full of features to aid in photograph and video lighting.

Lume Cube Camera Mount

  • Dimming Controls: Adjust from 0-1,500 Lumens to get the light you need, where you need it.
  • Adjustable Flash: Change flash duration anywhere between 1 second and 1/8000 of a second.
  • Constant Light: Steady stream of light for video.
  • Optical Sensor: This is built intoi the unit to act as a slave flash for your DSLR camera or any outside flash/light source.
  • In-App Control: Control up to 5 units individually from different positions and angles and utilize Red Eye Control.


Mount it!

Lume Cube Mount for GOPRO

Aside from being so small you can hold it in your hand, the Lume Cube has a ¼ 20 mount on the bottom, allowing it to mount basically anywhere. This is a common mounting platform and will work with many camera mounts, making the mounting options almost endless.

Mounts Available:


Adventure Approved!

Built by a team of surfers and adventure enthusiasts, this Lume Cube is designed to withstand all the elements. It's durable 1.5” cube design is waterproof rated down to 100' (30.5 m), making it safe to operate in wet conditions and even totally submerged. Add on the GoPro Mount, and it is pretty difficult to not pack up all your gear and get out there with this 1500 Lumen light! Now the fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down!


Ready to Connect!

The Lume Cube fits right in with your lifestyle. Connecting via bluetooth and also offering an intuitive app. Whether you prefer Apple or Android phones, the app works for both. Download the app through the App store or Google Play and start using the many features. items in the LUME CUBE Box & FULL REVIEWThere is even a $2.99 app that we would recommend getting as it easily works with multiple Lume Cubes and has a few other added features.


What's in the box?

  • Lume Cube
  • Mini USB charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Sticker Swag

*Dual Unit: 2 of each, Quad Unit: 4 of each


Full Documentation


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What do the 2 buttons on the top of the Lume Cube do?

These buttons are so you can control the Lume Cube manually, without using the smartphone app. Always control the Lume Cube while the lens is pointed away from you, so as not to damage your eyes with the bright light up close.

Left Button
Right Button
Turns on Constant Video Light
1 Click 'Wakes up' Bluetooth
Click multiple times to cycle through the 10 brightness settings
5 Second Hold activates Optical Sensor
Hold for 5 seconds to shut down the Lume Cube
1 Click turns off Constant Video light


How do I connect the Lume Cube to my device via Bluetooth?

This can be done easily, but note that it is not done the same as connecting bluetooth speakers where you just go into the phones main settings.

  1. Press the button on the top right of the cube when it is facing away from you.
  2. The Lume cube will flash briefly, indicating that you have activated bluetooth.
  3. Open up the Lume Cube App and look for a lightning bolt in the upper left corner of your screen.
  4. If the lightning bolt is blinking, you are not connected. Ensure your bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  5. You are connected when the lightning bolt is solid blue.

My light continues to flash after I've turned it off, what is wrong?

This simply means your optical sensor is turned on. The Lume Cube responds to outside light, as in another flash, so the Lume Cube will act as a slave flash to the outside source. When you have it on, the Cube will react to the change in light as you are handling it, making it flash like this. To turn off you just need to hold the right button (when light is facing away from you) for 5 seconds.


Where do I charge my Lume Cube?

The micro USB charger is located under a plug on the back of the cube. Just unscrew the plug (meant for waterproofing) to access the charging point. For maximum charge, leave charging for 60 minutes! Blinking red lights below the buttons indicate a low battery, solid red light shows the light is charging.


What type of battery does the Lume Cube use?

This light uses an internal, non-replaceable Lithion-Ion Polymer rechargeable battery. You can also use an external battery pack if you need the Lume Cube to last longer.


How do I make sure my Lume Cube is waterproof?

The only piece you need to worry about is the waterproof plug on the back of the unit. This should always be on when you aren't charging the Cube anyways. If you are using in wet conditions or plan to submerge the cube, make sure the plug is properly installed tightly before use.


My Lume Cube is warm to the touch after longer use, is that fine?

The Lume Cube uses a high power LED, so it will emit heat. However, the light has an internal heat sensor that will shut down when it hits a certain temperature to avoid internal or external damage. This should only occur if you are using the Cube at 100% brightness for 30+ minutes.


Customer service and Warranty

If you have any issues with your Lume Cube, contact us at sales@ledsupply.com. They Lume Cube has a 1 year warranty that covers manufacture defects.


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