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Arctic Silver - Premium Silver Thermal Epoxy

Arctic Silver - Premium Silver Thermal Epoxy
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Product Details


99.8% Pure Micronized Silver Size: 7 Grams
RoHS Compliant Spread: 2 part system with a 1:1 Ratio
Heat Conductor, transfer heat from your LED! Precaution: Permanent adhesive, will be difficult to remove


Arctic Silver is the premium thermal adhesive to be used for thermal joints in minimum bond line applications. It is also our top choice in adhering Star Boards (MCPCBs) to heatsinks, aiding in the thermal transfer away from your emitter. Arctic Silver is a two part permanent adhesive which uses 99.8% micronized silver which makes for superior thermal performance.


Two Part System

The Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive set consists of two syringes, Part A & B which contain 3.5 grams each for a total of 7 grams of adhesive. Included in the kit is a small plastic mixing wand for use throughout the processof connecting your LEDs to your heatsink.

    Arctic Silver

  How to Use

  1. Clear both the surface of the heat sink and the back of the MCPCB of any old adhesives or obstructions on the surface. Clean and wipe down to remove any grease or dust particles.
  2. Arctic Alumina adhesive works with a 1:1 ratio, meaning equal amounts of Part A & B. It is important that you stick to this ratio as it will make for a better bond over time. Put an even amount of each on a mixing surface and use the wand to mix them. Be sure to only get the amount you need as this adhesive has a pot life of 3-4 minutes at room temperature and you don't want to waste any by letting it dry up unused!
  3. Use the mixing wand to spread a thin, even layer over the back of your MCPCB.
  4. Press MCPCB firmly onto heat sink surface and clamp or apply weight to the bond so it becomes stronger. If using clamps, use wax paper in between the MCPCB surface so as not to ruin any connections or the light emitting diode.
  5. Wipe adhesive remnants away from the star board and keep clamp on for up to 60 minutes for best bond. After that, remove clamps and admire your work.

*for more thorough instructions along with product warnings please see the data sheet at the bottom of this page.


Adhesive should be kept cold and away from UV light. Best option is to keep refrigerated until you're ready to use. Wait until contents come back to room temperature before use!


This is a permanent adhesive and will be extremely difficult to remove once set. 



Suggested Use   Spread .004-.008" thick
Temperature Range  -40ºC> 150C 

Bond strength is weakened at temps below 0 C due to crystallization
Thermal Conductivity >7.5 W/m-K

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
01/20/2014 - 02:13:56 PM
Silver versus Alumina
The Arctic Silver ASTA-7G is the only thermal epoxy I use. I've tried them all and this stuff works the best and has excellent thermal properties. Don't waste your time and money with the cheaper stuff, get the silver, you want regret it. It's expensive, but with free shipping you can't beat it.

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