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Luxeon K High Power LED Array

Luxeon K LED Array
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Product Details

Featured Specifications

Lumens: 300-5,000 Lumen Packages Efficiency: LM-80 Tested
Package Size: 8-Up & 12-Up Wide Viewing Angle: 100°
Secondary Optics: Compatible with Single & Triple Carclo Optics Binned: 3-Step MaxAdam Ellipse Color Binniny
CCT: Full Range of CCTs & CRIs Max. Junction Temp.: 125°C



The Luxeon® K LED is a high power array style LED. Our stock includes the warm-white 2700K CCT with an emitter count of either 8 or 12, however the Luxeon offers emitter counts from 3 to 24. Note: we will special order upon request. The Luxeon K produces high flux at high efficacy in a small and easy-to-use package. This high lumen density enables lighting applications in thermally and space constrained systems. Like all Luxeon products, the Luxeon K ecosystem in extensive and is built with quality materials and components that give lighting designs the product they need to match a wide variety of lighting applications.


Technical Documentation

Product Selection (TJ= 85° C @ 350mA)

Luminous Flux
Part Number
Part Number
3 3000K 80 270 285 LXK8-PW30-0403 n/a
4000K 80 310 325 LXK8-PW40-0403 n/a
4 3000K 80 355 375 LXK8-PW30-0404 n/a
4000K 80 410 430 LXK8-PW40-0404 n/a
5000K 80 440 530 LXK8-PW50-0004 n/a
6 3000K 80 540 620 LXK8-PW30-0206 n/a
4000K 80 625 740 LXK8-PW40-0206 n/a
5000K 80 670 735 LXK8-PW50-0206 n/a
8 3000K 80 730 855 LXK8-PW30-0008 LUXEON-K-COBWW08
4000K 80 780 950 LXK8-PW40-0008 n/a
5000K 90 890 1075 LXK8-PW50-0008 n/a
12 3000K 80 1070 1280 LXK8-PW30-0012 LUXEON-K-COBWW08
4000K 80 1120 1430 LXK8-PW40-0012 n/a
5000K 80 1310td> 1605 LXK8-PW50-0012 n/a

Notes for Table

  • See Full Documentation for more product selections.

    Optical Characteristics (TJ= 85° C @ 350mA)

    Color Nominal
    Color Temperature
    Typical Total
    Included Angle
    Viewing Angle
    LXKx-PW27-xxxx(A) 2700K 2725K 125 100
    LXKx-PW30-xxxx(A) 3000K 3045K 125 100
    LXKx-PW35-xxxx 3500K 3465K 125 100
    LXKx-PW40-xxxx(A) 4000K 3985K 125 100
    LXKx-PW50-xxxx 5000K 5028K 125 100


    Electrical Characteristics @ 350mA, Thermal Pad Temperature of 25°C

    Part Number Forward Voltage (Vf) Typ. Temperature Coefficient
    of Forward Voltage (mV/°C)
    Typ. Thermal Resistance
    Junction to Case (°C/W)
    Min. Typ. Max.
    LXKx-Pxxx-0403 30 31.5 33.8 -21.0 5.5
    LXKx-Pxxx-xx04(A) 10 10.5 11.3 -6.3 3.0
    LXKx-Pxxx-x404 40 42 45.1 -30.1 3.0
    LXKx-Pxxx-xx08(A) 20 21 22.6 -12.5 3.0
    LXKx-Pxxx-x206 30 31.5 33.8 -21.0 2.3
    LXKx-Pxxx-xx12(A) 30 31.5 33.8 -18.8 1.0
    LXKx-Pxxx-xx16(A) 40 42 45.1 -25.0 0.8
    LXKx-Pxxx-xx24(A) 60 63 67.7 -37.5 0.5


    Absolute Maximum Ratings

    Parameter Maximum Performance
    DC Forward Current (mA) 1050
    Peak Pulsed Forward Current (mA) 1050
    ESD Sensitivity < 8000V Human Body Model (HBM) Class 3A JESD22-A114-E
    < 400V Machine Model (MM) Class B JESD22-A115-B
    LED Junction Temperature 125°C
    Operating Case Temperature -40°C - 125°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C - 125°C
    Reverse Voltage (Vr) Luxeon Rebel LEDs are not designed to be driven in reverse bias


    Important Information

    Average Lumen Maintenance Characteristics Lumen maintenance for solid-state lighting devices (LEDs) is typically defined in terms of the percentage of initial light output remaining after a specified period of time. Lumileds projects that LUXEON K products will deliver, on average, 70% lumen maintenance (L70) at 50,000 hours of operation at a forward current of up to 700mA. This projection is based on constant current operation with junction temperature maintained at or below 125°C. This performance is based on independent test data, Lumileds historical data from tests run on similar material systems, and internal LUXEON reliability testing. Observation of design limits included in this data sheet is required in order to achieve this projected lumen maintenance.


    Full Documentation


    Product Reviews

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    Reviewed by
    01/24/2014 - 03:08:14 PM
    Incredibly Bright
    Wow! I can't believe how much light you can get out of such a small package. The Warm-White color is really nice, much better than the blueish tint of some other high powered LEDs. I wasn't sure if I could drive this LED with my 12v system. I called and talked to someone at LEDSupply and they suggested the 700mA FlexBlock driver becasue it can boost the output voltage. My setup works perfectly and the dimming option on the FlexBlock is really handy.

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