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Luxeon R Neutral-White LED Emitter

Luxeon R Neutral-White LED Emitter
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Product Details

Featured Specifications

125 lm @ 350mA 2.72Vf - Typ. Forward Voltage @ 350mA
250 lm @ 700mA 2.80Vf - Typ. Forward Voltage @ 700mA
325 lm @ 1000mA (MAX) 2.85Vf - Typ. Forward Voltage @ 1000mA
75 - Typ. CRI 120° - Viewing Angle
4000K - Color Temperature 150° C - Max Juntion Temperature



Due to over-stock we are able to offer the Luxeon R LXA7-PW40 Neutral-White high-power SMT LED emitter at closeout prices.

The Luxeon R line of LEDs offer illumination grade light quality for outdoor and industrial lighting applications. The high flux output (over 200 lumens at 700mA) and low price make the Luxeon R an ideal choice for applications that require a quick ROI. The color rendering index (CRI) of the Luxeon R is 75 (lower than some), but that is the trade off for high lumens and is why the LED is designed for outdoor and industrial lighting applications where light quantity is more a priority than light quality.

The Luxeon R LXA7-PW40 LED is also available re-flowed to both a single and/or triple metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) 'LED Star'. The single LED Star (1-Up) can be found here and the triple LED star (3-Up) can be found here.


Technical Documentation

Product Selection for Luxeon R:
Color Temperature Part# Min. CRI Typ. CRI CAT Code Max Flux @350mA Max Flux @700mA Max Flux @1000mA
4000K LXA7-PW40 70 75 Q53R 125 215 325

Notes for Table

  • For complete documentation please reference the MFG datasheet

    Optical Characteristics:
    Normal ANSI CCT Typ. Color Temp. CCT Total Angle (degrees) Typ. Viewing Angle (degrees)
    4000K 3985K 160 120

    Notes for Table

  • For complete documentation please reference the MFG datasheet


    Electrical Characteristics:
    Part# Min. Forward Voltage Typ. Forward Voltage Max. Forward Voltage Temp. Coefficient Thermal Resistance Junction
    LXA7-PW40 2.75 2.81 3.00 -1.8 to -2.4 6

    Notes for Table

  • For complete documentation please reference the MFG datasheet

    Full Documentation

    Full Documentation

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